Tree Consultancy Services
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At Cashmore Contracting we spend more of our time working in trees than writing reports about them. The practical experience we have acquired stands us in good stead when we are asked to produce a report for a client on a single tree or on many trees. There are many reasons why our clients request our tree consultancy services. These include:

  • Assessing trees for hazard and where appropriate undertaking the remedial work required
  • Investigating accidents caused by tree failure and/or tree work
  • Investigating cases where trees are alleged to be involved in structural damage to buildings
  • Providing advice in relation to tree preservation law
  • Providing advice in relation to trees and development and, when necessary, expert evidence to the Planning Inspectorate
  • Designing arboricultural features
  • Assessing plant ecology and providing environmental impact assessments
  • Formulating tree and woodland management plans
  • Recording

There are of course occasions when a request falls outside our area of expertise and, in these circumstances, we can always find help from the many contacts we have made over the years throughout the UK.

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